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Global Events - is a website created in partnership with Global InterGold where you can find, read information about, and add your own Global InterGold's events on gold business. Customers are able to create events and post them on this website by themselves. By creating, we assure that everybody interested in earning with gold is properly informed to attend events in the place and date that suit them best. The website will also help organizers to increase the visibility and attendance of the events.
Would you like to learn more about business opportunities, obtain materials for promotion, or meet other clients?

Get everything you need by attending presentations, conferences, or seminars, and by watching broadcasts and webinars.

Select your country and time zone, find the event that suits you better, and register for it.
Would you like to try yourself as an organizer and create a successful event?

Create your own events and promote them at a global level.

Add the necessary information and details to the calendar to attract a wider audience.
We continuously develop campaigns for a more effective promotion of this website so that you are better able to reach an ever-growing audience.

Increase the popularity of your events together with your income with this new website!

Promote your business globally!
Earn with gold!
Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website are those of the participants only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Global InterGold. Viewers are referred to company website at, which contains official news; Web Site Terms of Use; and the Goldset Program Terms & Conditions.
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